welcome to Kronoxco Online Academy

Welcome to Kronoxco the platform where you can learning lenguages.

KRONOX is an institution specialized in the teaching of lenguages 100% conversational where there are not books, where is taught to speak the lenguage of natural way through of sensations and experiences that is the shape natural of taught and focuses directly in speak and talking correctly.
¡Is simply it that you need!...

What we offer youWe are unique because.. We have a model of teaching functional and unique, with a plan of teaching.

100% practical

DOES NOT exist a model of teaching languages where it focuses in the development of a 100% communications skills since we don't use books.


It also counts with a system of teaching languages using EXPERIENCES to link the language with the memory so you CAN'T FORGET.


We insure you that you will learn to know words and emotions starting of sensations KRONOX sells EXPERIENCES.

Business focus

We are unique in the market and no schools or institutions is widely focus on companies with thirst of growth.

Trained staff

Our professional professors will remain to the vanguard in training you for you to be the best of the best in your career.

Exceptional price

Our economic plans are strategically structured for you to have a COST-BENEFIT forever to be optimum.

Ours statisticsOur achievements over time.



Certified Staff